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Dr. Seuss and Hamlet

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Set in the world of Geronimo Stilton, THEA STILTON #3: THE TREASURE OF THE VIKING SHIP follows the adventures of the Thea sisters, a group of female mice at Mouseford Academy who are mentored by Thea Stilton. Chronologically, this book seems to take place in the late fall and winter and after the events of THEA STILTON #2: REVENGE OF THE LIZARD CLUB. In this book, Professor Van Kraken discovers a long-lost Viking ship in a secret cove that has been preserved from decay. They want to extrapolate the ship and bring it to Whale Island to be put on display in the museum, but it will cost a fortune to do so. In order to raise funds, the citizens agree to donate a portion of the funds from their annual mid-winter fair to the cause.  Along the way, the Thea Sisters discover a recipe for a new perfume. Word about the new perfume leaks out and Vissia de Vissen is determined to get her hands on the formula for it, no matter the cost. Although the series is definitely marketed towards girls, THEA STILTON #3: THE TREASURE OF THE VIKING SHIP is a story that boys will probably enjoy, too. Reading level for the book is for those in 2nd-5th grades. Personally, I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading another book in the Thea Stilton series.