Sunday, June 01, 2014


Most creative and artistic people have at one time or another struggled with finding an outlet for their creativity and artistic expressions (which often don't pay enough to earn a living) while working in another profession or a series of jobs to pay the bills (I know I have). Joel Craig is one such an individual and WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO is a graphic novel memoir that explores how Joel went from being a struggling actor to entering the nursing profession and the struggles he faced during his first few years as a nurse. The story is an interesting and entertaining one. Although it's a completely different setting and situation, WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO reminded me of somewhat of the "American Splendor" comics by Harvey Pekar. The illustrations in WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO are simple, but that does not diminish the enjoyment of the stories told. It actually enhances the overall journey of a struggling actor turned nurse who dives into drawing and discovers a creative outlet while working as a nurse. The book seems most oriented towards those involved with nursing, although I have not had much experience with nurses or hospitals and still enjoyed the stories of WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO. Overall, WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO is a graphic novel memoir that those involved in nursing will probably find the most enjoyment. However, those not involved in nursing can still enjoy and take away a greater appreciation of what nurses do. WELCOME TO NURSING HELLO might not be the best graphic novel you read, but it is unique and enjoyable.

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