Monday, June 30, 2008

What My Life Was Like and My Celtics

I've tried to explain to people in a variety of means what my life has been like the past seven months. Recently (June 9, 2008) I saw this DILBERT comic strip and it does an excellent job of illustrating what was expected of me in my recent employment. I was like Asok, but teaching at a school.

On a completely different note, my Celtics won the recent NBA Championship. I've been a fan of the Celtics since I was a kid and became amazed by the skills of Larry Bird, a white guy who could play really good basketball. I stuck with the team and rooted for them even in junior high when everyone else became a fan of the the Bulls. For over 15 years I've had to put up with all kinds of put downs and lame jokes during basketball season. Well, the Celts are back, baby! Take that, Chicago.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old Age

About four weeks ago I was at my Grandma's house. Two of my Grandma's sisters (my Great Aunts) stopped by a visit that afternoon. My Grandma is over 80. Sister "L" is 90 and sister "I" is over 70 and almost 80. Listening to my Grandma talking with her sisters can be highly entertaining. They get into some very interesting conversations and have some hilarious arguments. I'm not exactly sure how the conversation started or how it turned into an argument, but my Great Aunt "L" started arguing with my Grandma and made the comment, "Just wait until you're old, Opal."

My Grandma responded, "L-- I'm over 80."

To which my Great Aunt replied, "Well, 80 is a walk in the park. Just wait until you're 90."

My other Great Aunt and I laughed for a good thirty seconds or so.
I had meant to post this several weeks ago, but I haven't had access to the Internet for about three weeks. A week after the above incident took place, my Great Aunt "L" was taken to the hospital. She had a major brain aneurism and was given two weeks to live. It's now been almost three weeks since that happened and other than loss of part of her sight, she is miraculously almost back to her normal self.