Sunday, November 19, 2017

Children's Book Review: SAIL AWAY DRAGON

Girl and Dragon are best friends. They are so close that they even share the very same dream of sailing away to the "Far-est Far Away." So, Dragon comes to Girl and he becomes the SAIL AWAY DRAGON and her his crew and they sail through the oceans to reach the far-est far away, traveling for a year and a day. They have many adventures and make several new friends. SAIL AWAY DRAGON wasn't quite the story I was expecting it to be. It's not a bad story, but it's not as funny or adventurous as I thought it was going to be. Instead, the book is more like the same poetic dream that Girl and Dragon share: light and breezy.


For the past several years I have been a diligent purchaser of the annual "Peanuts Weekly Planner Calendar."  Those calendars have been my weekly calendar and are what I have used to keep track of all the various duties, events, etc. that I have had to do and attend. This year, the "Peanuts Weekly Planner Calendar" has been completely revamped by the publisher and we now have the PEANUTS 2017-18 MONTHLY/WEEKLY PLANNING CALENDAR.

Gone is the horizontal look of the old "Peanuts Weekly Planner Calendar." The new format features a more traditional book look, typical of most weekly planners. The full colored comics, colored outlays, and slick paper are replaced with smaller, black and white comics, with a high quality paper, but without the glossy finish. Outside of black and white, the only color in the new PEANUS 2017-2018 MONTHLY/WEEKLY PLANNING CALENDAR is Charlie Brown yellow.

Initially, I wasn't for sure if I was going to like the changes made to the calendar. However, I really do like it now. The first several pages contain monthly postings for July 2017 – December 2018. This is followed by the actual weekly planner part of the calendar. Although they are smaller and in black and white, there is a comic for each week of the year.  The space given for each day of the week is about the same as it was in the old calendars.  At the end of the calendar there is a place for contacts and notes. The calendar also has an elastic/bungee place holder.

Overall, while the PEANUTS 2017-18 MONTHLY/WEEKLY PLANNING CALENDAR is a huge format change, I actually like the new design and intend to continue purchasing and using these calendars in the future.

Children's Book Review: TREES by Lemniscates

The narrator of TREES is a blackbird. The bird illustrates the good things that trees do.  The book also describes some of the places live and how trees communicate.


The STAR TREK 2018 POSTER CALENDAR: 50 ARTISTS. 50 YEARS. is a wall calendar that features 12 different Star Trek posters by 12 different artists. Each of the poster prints are detachable from the calendar and fit a 11" x 14" frame. This is definitely an old school Star Trek calendar as 9 out of the 12 months allude back to the original crew of the original Star Trek series. Two of the posters allude to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the other remaining calendar (for June) is a mosaic of villains and enemies throughout the Star Trek canon from Klingons to the Borg (and yes, the Gorn is there, too!).  STAR TREK 2018 POSTER CALENDAR: 50 ARTISTS. 50 YEARS. is a nice item to own for any fan of the original Star Trek series who also appreciates visual art.


Told in rhyming verse, A IS FOR ASTEROIDS, Z IS FOR ZOMBIES is actually a story within a story. Timmy, a young boy, is having trouble sleeping because of his fears about asteroids and zombies. His dad wants to help him and remembers a book that Timmy's aunt gave him for Halloween. Timmy's Daddy finds the book and reads it to himself to see if it's something that might help Timmy. The book is A IS FOR ASTEROIDS, Z IS FOR ZOMBIES and the book not only leaves the father shocked, but utterly frightened himself.  Zombies get more than one several stanza in the book and seem to be the book's main focus. Personally, I liked the entry for "L" best:  "L is for legions of lawless marauders who'll come for the family: Mom, pop, sons, and daughters."  I enjoyed A IS FOR ASTEROIDS, Z IS FOR ZOMBIES. It's the type of book just right for people with a warped and slightly wicked sense of humor. Although it won't be an issue for most of the people buying this book, it should be noted that the book does have a slight left political bent (the "T" entry is for Trump, for instance).


The HAMILTON 2018 DAY-TO-DAY CALENDAR is a day-to-day calendar that features mostly song lyrics from the Broadway musical, "Hamilton."  However, there are also historical dates and excerpts from Alexander Hamilton's own speeches and writings.  The HAMILTON 2018 DAY-TO-DAY CALENDAR makes a great gift for any fan of the musical "Hamilton."