Monday, December 08, 2014

DreamJobbing - The Final Day

So, I'm in this dreamjobbing competition for a chance to be a tv producer for CBS for a week. The competition is fierce, but we're really close to pulling this off. If you haven't voted for me, yet today, please do. It only takes a minute, they won't spam you, and EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Also, today is supposed to be the last day of voting. So, will you help bring this possibility one step closer by getting me to the final round by voting?


Saturday, December 06, 2014

DreamJobbing - The Long Haul (Please Vote)

So, about a month ago, via Twitter I learned from John Cochran (the SURVIVOR winner who gave hope to all those nerdy guys out there like me) about a contest to win a week dream job as a producer for the tv show THE MILLERS. I made a short video late one night and uploaded it. Since then, THE MILLERS has been cancelled, but I'm in the running to make it to the final round for a chance to work for a week on a CBS tv show!

I'm in this for the long haul, but I have to be in the Top 20 before the voting closes in just 3 days. So, if you would, please take a moment and vote for me. This is a close race and the person in the 19th and 20th position have changed several times the past few days. As I write this, I'm only 85 votes away from being at 20!  Every vote counts. If I ultimately end up winning the contest, this would be an incredibly opportunity and experience for me. However, I really cannot do it without you. So, if you would, please click on the link below, log in (or register) and vote. It only takes a moment. Thank you!