Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Some Thoughts From Bono

Here are some quotes from Bono from a book I recently read.

"Never trust a performer, performers are the best liars. They lie for a living. You're an actor, in a certain sense. But a writer is not a liar." p. 42

Great quote, but for me it causes a dilemma because I'm both an actor and writer. I guess I must be a better writer because I'm not a very good liar unless I'm acting.

"A rock star is someone with a hole in his heart almost the size of his ego." p. 128

If only more rock stars and entertainers were open about this. Many are so close to the Truth, yet not close enough. There's a reason pride is the deadliest of sins.
"So I can live without happiness. If that's the price of fame, good riddance! Joy on the other hand, is not up for sale. And my joy comes from a completely different place." p. 346

The difference between happiness and joy. Learn the difference and live it and your life will improve drastically.
Whatever you think of U2 and Bono, you've got to give the guy credit: he tries to use his celebrity in a positive way to help the poor and make the world a better place. By the way, he's a Christian, too.

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