Monday, July 30, 2007

June 2007 & Some Other Tidbits

Books Read:
Rupert: Just Being Me By: Rupert Boneham & Lester Thomas Shane

Movies Viewed For the First Time:
Ocean’s 13
Night Watch
28 Weeks Later
The Departed
Live Free or Die Hard
Hot Fuzz

Since I was at camp all through June, I didn’t have much free time for reading or watching films (not to mention we were filming another movie ourselves, too). Rupert: Just Being Me is the life story of Rupert Boneham, one of the most memorable people to ever be a contestant on Survivor. I’m a huge fan of the show and was pleased to read about Rupert’s life. It’s a very straight-forward book and though there might not be much interest for people who aren’t fans of Survivor, I do think it is a good book illustrating how many interesting stories each of us has in their own life. Life is an adventure. Don’t forget that.

As for movies, I highly recommend Hot Fuzz. It’s one of the best comedies I’ve seen in years. It will probably be on my Top 10 List this year. Night Watch is a great film about a war between forces of good and evil and I eagerly am awaiting when I can watch the sequel, Day Watch. 28 Weeks Later was a well done sequel to a great zombie movie. The Departed was good, but there were other movies released last year that were better. Lastly, Live Free or Die Hard is a great addition to the Die Hard series.

Next month I should be writing this summary much sooner.
The Gorilla has risen. Want to know more? Let me know.
If you are a praying person, pray for me if you think about it. I’m about ready to jump into a major transition time in my life and I have no idea when it will end, where I will end up, or exactly what I will be doing. I intend to write more in the future about this because it is something I have been struggling with since May. However, in just a few days is when I will be attempting to implement some of the things I decided as a result of the struggle. Stay tuned.

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