Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do You Believe?

Life can be very cruel. Life is full of pain and sorrow. Tribulations abound. It’s enough to make a person depressed and live in despair. As an Artist, it’s tempting to dwell on all the bad things and create solely from that. There is power in the darkness. But, that power is unsatisfying. The fruit it yields is magnificent, yet lacks the essence of wonder.

It’s tempting to submit to the darkness. I know. I’ve been there. Some things have recently just happened to me in my life that should have pushed me completely over the edge into the life of a complete cynic. But, something happened.

A long-held silence was broken and hope has been restored. Hope is such a wonderful thing. It’s one of the best things in the world.

I hadn’t completely lost hope in my life, but I had lost most hope. Things were so dark and confusing.

My life is still in chaos. My path is even more unclear than it was just a few days ago. There are things pressing in on me from every side. Yet, at least for the moment, none of that is bothering me. I have hope. The silence was not for naught. I believe that the impossible can happen again. Trials and tribulations will come. The world is a crazy place and life is full of injustices. Yet, love and hope remain. Do you, do you believe? I do.

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