Monday, September 08, 2008

An Awkward Situation

I'm currently in another play. I take rehearsals very seriously. I learn my lines best through the structured repetition of rehearsal. Last week we were rehearsing and blocking the final scene of the play. The last scene of the play is fairly intense and has all kinds of stuff going on. We had been rehearsing for almost two hours and had about thirty minutes of practice left. I sat down in a chair for the next part of the scene. I felt a chill in the swimsuit area. I looked down and suddenly find myself in an awkward situation: my pants were ripped up from the bottom of my zipper to where the inseam normally meets. I'm not for sure how long my pants had been like that. I really wasn't embarrassed because it's not the first time my pants have ripped during a rehearsal. However, I know things like that can make other people nervous or embarrassed. I made it through the rest of rehearsal as best I could. I did a lot of standing behind chairs. I was wearing khakis and I'm just glad I had almost tan-colored boxers on otherwise things could have been even more awkward.

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