Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Get Rid of Rod Blagojevich

I was raised and currently live in the State of Illinois. Today our Governor, Rod Blagojevich was arrested by the FBI. Blagojevich is a criminal. He won his first term on a platform based on change, reform, and ethics. After his first day in office it was apparent he was just as corrupt as his predecessor (who is currently serving a six-year term in prison), if not more so. I think he's more corrupt than former Gov. George Ryan. Blagojevich has ran the State of Illinois into the ground and he really doesn't care.

His attorney, Sheldon Sorosky, said today, "He didn't do anything wrong. A lot of this is just politics." What a load of crap. Blagojevich has been under federal investigation for a huge list of crimes since 2002. Public officals usually aren't charged with any criminal activity until the are out of office, unless the wrongdoing is really bad. The only reason he was arrested today was because he was going to literally sell the U.S. Senate seat that Barack Obama resign from after being elected President. The Feds had seen enough and couldn't let that go on and the corruption run any deeper. The best thing to happen in Illinois in a long time is having Blagojevich arrested. Unfortunately, he won't resign and is so arrogant will probably try to use Illinois tax money to pay for all his personal lawyer fees.

I don't think there are any politics dirtier than in Chicago.

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