Monday, April 13, 2009

Diamonds In the Rough and Treasures In Clay Jars

Even though first impressions often seem to be so important, they are often wrong. Appearances are deceiving; it takes time to get to know a person. Unfortunately, our society and culture is obsessed with the "instant": instant communication, fast food, channel surfing, etc. The virtue of patience is neglected and as a result we, as a people and individually, miss out on so much. Take Susan Boyle, a single, middle-aged woman who has taken Great Britain by storm. I watched this video earlier and was blown away. Now, I realize that through editing and careful planning reality tv is pretty much mostly staged. Despite this, you have to admit that Susan Boyle has an amazing voice and her life makes for a great story (and compelling television). There are diamonds all around us, if we would only take the time to see them for what they are. There are all kinds of treasures in plain, clay jars if we would only take the time to search them out.

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