Monday, June 22, 2009

Rejection & Survivor

I'm a big fan of SURVIVOR. I've auditioned for every season except the first two. However, this guy, Greg Insco, walked (on heelies of all things) from Cincinnati, Ohio to turn in his SURVIVOR application in person to the casting directors of the show. It was a 2,200 mile journey where at one point he got so hungry he ate a rattlesnake that tried to bite him and sometimes was so dehydrated that he drank water from a toilet. The producers and casting directors turned him down telling him he "would get eaten alive" and that basically, he was, too nice.

I wasn't aware of this beforehand, but apparently for the past 12 editions or so, SURVIVOR hasn't even casted people who applied to the show, but recruited people to be on it. Only 4 of the last 16 contestants actually went through the entire formal application process. The other 12 were short-cutted through.

I shouldn't be surprised, because it is Hollywood, but I am a bit. Of course, I'm going to keep sending in applications because as Charlie Brown says, "Even if there's not a million-to-one-chance, there's at least a billion-to-one-chance."

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