Thursday, July 30, 2009


There's this new reality show on NBC. It's called The Great American Road Trip.  Seven families started out in Chicago traveling in RVs across America following Route 66.  The trip isn't a race, but is a journey. There are goofy challenges to compete, but no one gets eliminated if they reach a destination last.  About one family's vacation comes to an end in each episode (though there are some episodes where no families are sent home).  I'll admit the show is a bit hokey (I read on one review site where they referred to the show as the red-neck version of The Amazing Race), but I really enjoy watching this show.  It's much more real than most reality tv. I can't say for sure, but I don't think anyone was recruited for this show.  These are real families that have been given an opportunity to take a free vacation traveling across America with the chance to win $100,000 at the end.

Even though it's been ranking between #20-#35 the four weeks, NBC is disappointed by the ratings. Ratings could have been much higher, but NBC chose to begin airing the show in July when the people of the Heartland of America (who are the prime audience) aren't home and are traveling on vacations themselves. They should have aired the show at the end of May after the sweeps or at the first of June and ratings would have been larger. The show will continuing airing through August and can currently be seen on Monday nights at 7:00PM, Central Time.

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