Monday, November 02, 2009

The Prayers of the Saints

There is a weariness that affects one’s heart and soul that is more draining to oneself than any illness, unhealthy diet, or lack of sleep can cause. ‘Tis a weariness that sucks the marrow of life right from one’s bones without a person even recognizing it. Today I have felt that weariness.

The challenges that faced me were many. Burdens too heavy for one to bear. Expectations unable to live up to and meet. Matters of the heart gone wrong. Longings that never seem to be filled. Confrontations against injustice. Missing my Dad. All of this and more is what my morning contained and it was too much. There was a pain in my heart and soul that just wouldn’t stop aching and with each passing moment the aching intensified. Darkness threatened to sweep over me and I wrestled with the darkness to gain control.

Too much, too much, except for the prayers of the saints. They were with me today. The prayers of the saints lifted me. They carried me to safety.

I see dark clouds coming. I know there are many storms, tests, and challenges yet to face, but I can stand with a bit more confidence now because of the prayers of the saints.

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