Friday, February 26, 2010


Part of a relatively new book series from Rand Publishing, THE SKINNY ON SUCCESS takes information from over 60 different books and condenses it into an extremely easy-to-read format that can be read between an hour or two.

There’s a 1-page introduction followed by a 1-page note from the publisher. Then the stick man version of Jim Randel, the author, introduces himself and explains what the book is about and what you should be able to accomplish by reading it. Oh, yes, this book is filled with stick people illustrations. Stick people are one of the benchmarks of “The Skinny On…” books. They are used to tell a story that illustrates the main points of the lessons in the book. In THE SKINNY ON SUCCESS in addition to narrator stick person Jim, we follow Billy and Beth, a happily married couple who are both seeking a change in their careers. Billy wants to be a comedian and Beth wants to get into politics. Through the lessons learned in the book the reader sees how Billy and Beth approach their different dreams.

Much of what I read in THE SKINNY ON SUCCESS is material I have already heard or read before. Therefore, I didn’t really learn anything new. However, because of the unique format of the book, I completely enjoyed reading it. It was very entertaining.

THE SKINNY ON SUCCESS is a very easy-to-read book and can be read in about an hour’s time. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to reading lots of self-help books about finding success, but who is trying to find some key things to help you realize your potential and discover success, then I recommend THE SKINNY ON SUCCESS.

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