Wednesday, March 03, 2010

January 2010: Media Consumed

Books Read
*The Twilight Zone: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? Mark Kneece, et al.
+Tundra Chad Carpenter
**Midlife the Crisis Musical Bob & Jim Walton

* = denotes a graphic novel or TPB
+ = denotes a book that is a collection of comic strips
** = denotes a play

In all honesty, I didn't read anything that was completely outstanding in January.

Movies Watched For the First Time
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
The Book of Eli
Up in the Air
You Can't Take It With You
Santa Buddies

I enjoyed most of the movies I watched in January, but there were a few that I found disappointing. Daybreakers was pretty well done. The Book of Eli was a movie that took me completely by surprise; it's a really well done film that reminded me a lot of an updated version of The Pilgrim's Progress. Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell, is a rather simple movie that starts off slow but then gathers steam and doesn't stop until the end. Avatar was good and the effects are nothing short of amazing, but the movie doesn't deserve near the praise it's been lauded or money it's taken in; it's definitely not the best picture of 2009.

Up in the Air is kind of a simpler movie, too that was mostly filmed in and around St. Louis. However, I found it incredibly depressing in addition to be overrated, too. Beyond the acting, there's really not much there, especially the story. You Can't Take It With You won Frank Capra a Best Picture Oscar, but it's not as good as much of the rest of Capra's work.

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