Friday, November 19, 2010

Christianity and Pop Culture

I came across an interesting article today, written by Ted Turnau, about being a Christian and engagement with pop culture.

Here’s an outline of the main points:
  • Whatever else popular culture is, it is not trivial, because it is an expression of faith and worship.
  • Not all popular culture is equally meaningful.
  • Not every piece of popular culture is appropriate for engagement.
  • Popular culture works by creating imaginative landscapes for us to inhabit.
  • When thinking about a piece of popular culture it pays to know the tricks of the trade.
  • Every piece of popular culture is a complicated mixture of grace and idolatry.
  • Think carefully about how to undermine the idol and how the gospel applies to the piece of popular culture you’re sharing with friends.
  • Look for occasions where you can experience popular culture together with Christian and non-Christian friends and family.
You can read the whole article here. Thanks to Justin Taylor for pointing the article out.

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