Saturday, July 16, 2011

HUGO Trailer

I am really looking forward to this movie.

The trailer is magnificent: the best trailer of the year behind the one for TREE OF LIFE. Beyond that, this trailer has introduced me to a band I didn't know anything about before (30 Seconds to Mars) as well as a book (THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET) I might never have looked into reading before. I think the movie will be superb: it's a Scorsese film, albeit in a genre and style he's never tackled before. Other than THE DEPARTED, Scorsese's movie's have taken a slightly more upbeat tone the past few years (and even THE DEPARTED had evil loosing). Perhaps his Catholic roots and upbringing are finally having their say.

I would have to see the film, but if the film is like the trailer, this is the type of movie I want to make.

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