Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Short Commentary About End of Year Lists

Two days after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26th) I saw a blurb about the "10 Worst Films of 2011". November 2011 wasn't even over, let alone the entire year of 2011 and already someone had published an end of the year list. I understand why news outlets publish "Best of the Year" and "Worst of the Year" lists. They're fairly easy to put together, they make for popular filler, and they can also serve as a source of reflection for the communities they serve. I usually have a best of list for movies and books that I post on my blog each year. What I don't understand is why most news outlets insist on publishing these lists before the year has ended.

A year doesn't end until a new one has officially begun. I realize the chances of something major happening in those final few days of the year are small, but there is still the possibility that the biggest story of the year could happen on December 31st. If you publish the "Most Important News Stories of 2011" List so it makes the December 2011 edition of your magazine, you might end up leaving out the one event that really is the most important event of the year. I do understand that the reason why some commentators/reporters/writers/etc. publish these lists before the year is over because they won't be working when the old year ends and the new year begins. However, though I understand it, I don't really agree with it. End of the year lists should be published after a year is completely over otherwise they really aren't an end of the year list.

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