Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Book Review, Graphic Novel: ERNEST & REBECCA #3: GRANDPA BUG

ERNEST & REBECCA #3: GRANDPA BUG is the third volume in the series of graphic novels aimed at children about a six-year-old girl named Rebecca and her best friend, a germ named Ernest. In this volume, Rebecca and her sister, Coralie, are sent to their grandparent’s house. Their mother believes the country air will do Rebecca’s health good. Rebecca’s grandpa is called Grandpa Bug (the origins of the name are revealed in the story) and he spends a great amount of time doing things with Rebecca. However, while at her grandparent’s house, Ernest disappears and Rebecca is saddened at his disappearance and attempts to find him. Along the way, Rebecca meets a trio of friends led by a kid named Chris. Also, Coralie attempts to figure out if her boyfriend, Freddy, is interested in her anymore.

Although there were parts of the story that I found trite, overall I enjoyed ERNEST & REBECCA #3: GRANDPA BUG. Other than Rebecca’s bright pink hair and Coralie’s vivid purple hair, the illustrations remind me of cartoons from the mid-1980s that I used to watch as a youngster on television (such as THE LITTLES). It’s a style that you don’t see very much in animation anymore, let alone in illustrated works. If all the books in the series are like this, they could easily be turned into an animated series. The book has a strong appeal for young girls, but also for any child whose parents are in the midst of a divorce.

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