Monday, June 02, 2014


 A few years ago I came across a book written by Charles Schulz entitled YOUNG PILLARS. The book contained many of the one-panel strips that Schulz had drawn for the Church of God youth magazine. SCHULZ'S YOUTH contains all of the "Young Pillars" strips that were ever published, including some that haven't been in print since they were first published in the magazine. These strips are all one-panel strips featuring teenagers (that look somewhat like older versions of "Peanuts" characters) and the humorous antics of their Christian lives. For instance, there are a lot of strips about teaching Sunday school, youth group meetings, and conversations about dating. Except for the occasional reference that is no longer relevant (e.g. a mention of Pat Boone), these strips are still relevant today. In addition to the "Young Pillars" strips, SCHULZ'S YOUTH also contains all the strips of another strip Schulz drew for a different Church of God publication. The other series contained in the book is "Two-by-Fours" and features a group of preschool children in a series of one-panel Christian-themed gags, some of which contain no words. SCHULZ'S YOUTH is a unique item that makes a great gift for any Schulz fan. It also has an audience in fellow Christian believers who enjoy comics: many of the comics in the book make great inserts for church bulletins and newsletters.

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