Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Back in the day (the 1970s), there were these huge jumbo editions of comics that used to be issued that sometimes featured crossovers with various comic icons (Superman vs. Spider-Man for instance).  The GIANT-SIZE KUNG FU BIBLE STORIES references those older jumbo comics, but does so all in parody. The book features several different and completely unrelated stories and none of them have anything to do with Kung Fu or the Bible.

"Secret  Crisis on Ultimate Earth" – there's a cataclysmic event and all the different universes of superheroes are fighting against each other on one plane. How will it end? There are a lot of inside comic references in this story.

"Empowered: Feel the Uberburn" – a female superhero is helping train another female superhero.

"Astronomus" – a giant monster appears to destroy Astronomus' comrades and he goes on a rampage, but things aren't exactly what they appear to be.

"Snowman Slaughter" -  a boy is convinced the rich kid in his class destroyed his snowman, but it turns out that's not the case at all.

"Jack Champion" – Jack and his two friends drop off some groceries at Jack's uncle's place. However, they end up discovering something unbelievable.

"Opus: Destroyer of Worlds" – after bedding a female super warrior, Opus destroys her planet.

"Frankenstein of Mars" – Frankenstein is on Mars, enough said.

In addition to the stories, there are a set of black and white pin-up pictures by Arthur Adams.

Of the stories, my favorites were "Secret Crisis on Ultimate Earth", "Snowman Slaughter", and "Jack Champion." "Secret Crisis" is a great parody piece and the other two are great introductory stories that I would love to read more of.

GIANT-SIZE KUNG FU BIBLE STORIES isn't for everyone. However, it is a nice comical collection for anyone who enjoys reading comic books.

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Nicola Mansfield said...

Well that title certainly got me over here! I wondered if I was going to see Moses karate-chopping Pharaoh LOL! This sounds like a hoot though!