Saturday, November 01, 2014


Benny and his little sister Penny (two mice children) return in their latest Toon Book: BENNY AND PENNY IN LOST AND FOUND! Benny is in a bad mood because he has lost his pirate hat. Penny wants to help her brother find his hat. Benny decides that the best way to find his lost hat is to become lost. At first it's just a game, but then Benny and Penny really get lost. Penny becomes scared and Benny has to overcome his own emotions to help him and Penny find their way back home.

"Benny and Penny" Toon Books are great early graphic novels for children because the characters in the story react like real children react when placed in similar situations. Young children (PreK age) can really relate to these characters. The text is written in a very simple style that make it easy for beginning readers to follow along and the illustrations actually tell a story themselves.

Those who are already familiar with Benny and Penny will be eager to follow their latest adventures in BENNY AND PENNY IN LOST AND FOUND! , but the book is also a good choice for any beginning reader or a young child who is just becoming interested in comic books and graphic novels.

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Nicola Mansfield said...

I love Benny and Penny! I need to catch up on my Toon Books.