Saturday, April 04, 2015


STINKY CECIL IN OPERATION POND RESCUE is a graphic novel written especially for kids that follows Stinky Cecil, a toad who lives in a small pond, and his friends as they attempt to stop a new highway from bulldozing their home.  In addition to Cecil there's Jeremy the worm, RayRay the lizard, Reggie a fly who only lives five days and then is born again, and Jeff the hamster. Although Cecil is the title character, Jeff is the coolest as he lives in a tree with an elevator and has his own remote-controlled car that he drives around in. The friends do everything they can to try to stop the bulldozers including appealing to their arch-enemy the hawk. I really enjoyed STINKY CECIL IN OPERATION POND RESCUE. The story was fun and entertaining and included several layers of humor. The art was playful and the overall message of the story was much more subtle than it usually is in children's books. Overall, it's a great children's graphic novel.

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