Friday, May 29, 2015

Graphic Novel/Comic Review: THE BLACK HOOD #1

BLACK HOOD #1 is the origin story of a particular version of a crime fighter called The Black Hood. The story focuses around Greg Hettinger. Greg is just a normal cop in Philadelphia trying to do his job. He becomes a hero, loses half his face, and accidentally kills a vigilante called The Black Hood while on a routine stop near a public school. After months of therapy, he finds himself back on the force, but he is not at all himself. A series of unwise choices lead Greg into becoming what he thought he had killed. BLACK HOOD #1 is fairly straight-forward as action stories go. However, it is a bit more realistic in some aspects than other super-hero/crime-fighter stories, for instance illustrating how a pain medication addiction can affect one's behavior and cause a person to make strange choices. The story did keep my interest and I look forward to reading other parts of the tale.

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