Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Thea Sisters Are Back

In THEA STILTON GRAPHIC NOVELS #5: THE SECRET OF THE WATERFALL IN THE WOODS, it's summertime at Mouseford Academy on Whale Island and the students are all preparing for the annual trek into the woods to watch the opening of the dam and to watch the return of the waterfall. However, when Professor Van Kraken is almost attacked by a bear in the woods, it becomes clear that something isn't normal. Some want to call the whole excursion off, but the Thea Sisters and a few others decide to investigate to see what exactly is going on. THE SECRET OF THE WATERFALL IN THE WOODS is another interesting tale about the students at Mouseford Academy and the selfish ambitions of Vissia de Vissen. I look forward to reading more of their adventures in future volumes.

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