Saturday, April 14, 2018


Until last year, I was unaware of Sporcle. For those who are like I was, Sporcle is an online trivia website. The site is mainly devoted to all kinds of trivia quizzes. The
SPORCLE 2018 DAY-TO-DAY CALENDAR is a smaller and printed version of many of the quizzes you might find on Sporcle. There's a variety of challenges from word unscrambles (which often show up on Mondays), a list of naming four-letter words for a particular category (these usually show up on Wednesdays), matching games, choose the right answer game, listing all of the particular items in a certain category (for instance, can you name the seven states that only have one representative in the U.S. House of Representatives), and the Friday Challenge which is a general trivia question. I really enjoy trivia and participating in trivia nights. With that said, the SPORCLE 2018 DAY-TO-DAY CALENDAR really isn't like classical trivia and at times some of the games really aren't trivia (for instance, some of the word unscrambles or choose the correct word). It is different and kind of entertaining, so I understand the appeal, but personally I prefer the JEOPARDY 2018 DAY-TO-DAY CALENDAR or the 2018 TRIVIAL PURSUIT: MASTER EDITION CALENDAR.

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