Monday, April 07, 2008

LEATHERHEADS and the Celtics.

I saw the movie LEATHERHEADS. It was a good movie. It's a modern update of the screwball comedy. I love those types of films. I wish they would make more good old-fashioned screwball comedies like that more often. Films are dumbed down way too often anymore. I also wish everyone dressed more like people did in the 1920s-1940s. Even at the height of the Great Depression, people were generally much snappy dressers than they are nowadays.

In other news, let's hear it for my Celtics! They cinched homecourt advantage for the run of the playoffs today. I've been a Celtic fan most of my life (since I was about five). For the past fifteen to twenty years I've had to put up with name-calling and put-downs galore for standing by my team. I had to put up with all those years of people joining the Bulls bandwagon. But now, the boys are back in town. Take that, Chicago. Go, Celts!

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