Thursday, September 09, 2010

Media Consumed: August 2010

Books Read

*Problem Identified and You’re Probably Not Part of the Solution Scott Adams

Stephen King Goes to the Movies Stephen King

The Dumbest Generation Mark Baurlein

*The Storm in the Barn Matt Phelan

+Frankenstein Mary Shelley

Cliffs Notes on Shelley’s Frankenstein Jeff Coghill

Stuff Christians Like Jonathan Acuff

#, + Harvey

* = denotes book of comic strips or graphic novel

+ = denotes a work previously read

# = denotes a play

I found The Dumbest Generation to be highly informative. It provides the best statistical and data available illustrating that children’s increased use of the Internet, cell phones, etc. are actually causing the majority of the youth in America to become less intelligent.

I started re-reading Frankenstein two years ago when I was teaching it. I never finished re-reading the last chapter until now.

Stuff Christians Like is both funny and thought-provoking. It laughs about things contemporary Christians tend to do, while at the same time using satire to raise important issues.

Harvey is a great play and I read it in preparation for the production I’m acting in and producing.

Movies Watched for the First Time

Who Done It?

The Other Guys

Astro Boy

Who Done It? is another Abbot and Costello picture. I remember seeing part of it years ago on tv. It’s a funny murder-mystery story.

The Other Guys is Will Ferrell’s best movie in years and is hilarious. Ferrell doesn’t get to do the typical things he usually does and is more restrained. Mark Wahlberg is actually the funny man in the pic with Ferrell being the straight man.

Astro Boy was an enjoyable animated feature. It didn’t have a message or moral, but was just a colorful piece of high-tech animated fluff.

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