Friday, September 03, 2010


A few months ago, a good friend sent me a copy of CRAZY LOVE. It's a book I had been wanting to purchase myself, but never had, yet. I read the introduction about a month ago, but because of a show I was involved with, I never got any farther than that. I continued reading the book last week and have finished the first chapter.

I know I've just read the first chapter, but the book is a great book and one I highly recommend. It's encouraged me about the way I've tried to live my life, while at the same time challenged me to live even deeper. The overall message of the book is one that is relevant to both people who are "new" Christians and those who have been believers most their lives. I think believers around the world can take something away from the book, but it's clearly aimed at American Christians.

As a way to increase interaction, Francis Chan made several videos to accompany the book. These videos are free, short, and can be found online not only at the website for the book, but on YouTube, too. Here and there, as I'm reading through the book, I'll post one of the videos. The one below goes with Chapter 1. It raises some good questions. Tell me what you think.

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