Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Charlie Brown and Me

I have been a fan of “Peanuts” most my life. I’ve been a reader of newspapers since I was in the fourth grade. When I first started reading newspapers there were two sections I always read: the front page section and the comics section. I now read all of the comics in the comics section, even those I don’t like very much, because I love the art form of the comic strip. I’ve had some favorites over the years, but my favorite strip of all time is “Peanuts”. I’ve been reading those since I started reading newspapers and was quite familiar with Charlie Brown and the gang long before through the tv specials and cartoon series. As life went on, I came to understand that Charlie Brown and I are very much alike. We are kindred spirits and I think he will always be the fictional pop cultural icon that I am most similar to.

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