Monday, December 20, 2010

Children's Book Review: THE HALLOWEEN KID

As THE HALLOWEEN KID says, Halloween is a time for dressing up and getting sweet eats. However, sometimes there’s trouble and when there is, that’s when the Halloween Kid appears. The Kid wears a cowboy hat and mask, carries a lasso, and rides a magical stick horse. He’s wrestled pumpkin-sucking vampires, captured leaf-pile ghosts, and trapped the Giant Miami Werewolf. Halloween goes on without any problem for years until the Goodie Goblins show up. Pranks are played, candy is stolen, and pumpkins are smashed. Some people stop handing out candy and others keep their youngsters inside. There’s even talk in the village of canceling Halloween altogether. But then, the Halloween Kid appears and tracks the Goodie Goblins to their secret cave. He plans to round them up, but ends up getting captured himself. It’s up to his trusty steed and the children of the village to rescue the kid, chase off the goblins, and make sure Halloween isn’t canceled.

The overall story of THE HALLOWEEN KID is enjoyable and it has a good message about standing up and doing the right thing even when you’re afraid. However, what I liked most about the book is the writing style and the illustrations. The book is written and illustrated by the same person, which is somewhat unusually in children’s books. My parents grew up watching Westerns on tv and at the movies and as a result, I grew up watching many of those shows through tapes and on cable. There is a particular style to a Western and ones from that era or even more distinct. THE HALLOWEEN KID perfectly captures the distinct mood, style, and tone of the old-time Westerns. Not only that, but all of the illustrations are drawn in mostly shades of orange and black with a hint of brown and a few tints of yellow. Overall, it makes for a very memorable and enjoyable Halloween children’s book. So, sit back, relax and travel back to those days of yesteryear with THE HALLOWEEN KID.

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