Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Media Consumed: January 2011

Books Read
Girl Parts by John M. Cusick
Everybody Poops 410 Pounds a Year by Deuce Flanagan & David R. Dudley
Around the World in 45 Years by Charles Schulz
The Red Suit Diaries by Ed Butchart
Looking for Calvin and Hobbes by Nevin Martell

I enjoyed most of the books I read in January, but was disappointed by Girl Parts. The book has an interesting premise (teenage boys who are diagnosed with "disassociation disorder" because of their addiction to technology are given female robots that look like real people, but have no internal organs) but I felt the execution was lacking. It wasn't a bad read, just disappointing.

Movies Viewed
Black Swan
Wild in the Streets
The Lawnmower Man
Alien Trespass
The Green Hornet
The Losers
The Theory of Everything
The Last Man on Earth

Black Swan
was a horrible movie, in my opinion. It has some incredible acting, but the story really isn't much of anything.

The two movies I enjoyed most were Alien Trespass and The Green Hornet. Alien Trespass is a homage to all of those old aliens from space movies of the 1950s. It's funny, but there is a warmth there that typical spoofs of those movies lack. The Green Hornet was really entertaining, despite the presence of Seth Rogen. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
I watched Inception again, and as marvelous as that movie is, the ending ruins the entire picture for me.

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