Friday, May 20, 2011


Following the events of the “War of the Supermen” and “Blackest Night” storylines, SUPERMAN: THE BLACK RING VOL. 1 finds Lex Luthor back in control and at the top of the world. After helping saved the world as a bearer of an orange ring of avarice, Lex has been pardoned of his past crimes and is back in charge of Lex Corp. Not only that, but Luthor’s greatest foe, Superman, has left Metropolis on another self-imposed exile. Luthor should be at the top of his game, but his experiences during the “Blackest Night” saga have changed him and left him hungering to possess a power ring of his own. Luthor believes it’s the only way he can gain the power to make himself the ruler of humanity. Seeking the source of the power that gave the black power rings their energy, Luthor begins an intergalactic quest. The initial stages of his journey take him all across the globe and allow him to display his keen intellect, but he end of Volume 1 ends on a cliffhanger of sorts as Luthor comes face to face with an old friend now turned foe.

Luthor is the most overused of all of Superman’s villains. However, in the right hands (such as those of Paul Cornell), he’s a fascinating character. Pete Wood’s illustrations are vivid and vibrant and add some layers to Cornell’s story. A must read for anyone who likes or admires Lex Luthor.

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