Monday, May 09, 2011

Is the Tide Turning?

Maybe it's because of the warmer weather, but I feel that the tide is about to turn in my life. I can feel the soggy doldrums of Winter melting away and instead of Spring, life is skipping straight to Summer (which is fine by me). The past few years have been difficult ones for me. In a span of less than seven months I lost my Dad and my job and now for over a year I've been unemployed.

Don't let anyone tell you differently. Unemployment sucks. The first couple of weeks were alright, but by week three I was more than ready to be back at work except there was no work to be found. I've done some temp work, was an emergency worker for one day in a department store, and have done some subbing, but that's it. My little savings are depleted and despite my constant and continual search, I haven't found a regular job. You'd think that companies would be fighting over me: I'm young, I've got two college degrees, I'm easy-going, and I've got a wealth of experience and knowledge.

For the past couple months, I've had people tell me: "I've been praying for you and know that God's going to release a floodgate of blessings into your life soon." Well, I'm ready for those blessings, now, God. It's been a really dry season, so I'd settle for just a nice shower, but if the floodgates of blessing pour forth, I'll take that, too.

I don't always remember, but I have a decent idea of how blessed I already am just by living in the United States. The opportunities we have are nearly limitless. Yet, it seems that the opportunities I seek have eluded my grasp. Perhaps now is the time I can finally grab hold and claim what, in this life, I have sought and longed for so long.

I had a job interview last week. It was the first one I've had in a little while. It went well. It wasn't my best interview, but it wasn't terrible and I feel like I left a good image upon the supervisor. We talked for nearly an hour. I've also recently started taking tap lessons (I paid for them last August when I still had a little reserve). It's something I've always wanted to do and something I felt might help me a little in my future entertainment pursuits. My instructor told me, "I'm really impressed," and that I was a natural. These were just small things, but they did and still lift my spirit. As tough as things have gotten, I've never completely abandoned hope. I'm glad I didn't because I feel that at the minimum I'm going to see a glimpse of hope fulfilled.

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