Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why SUPER 8 Was This Week's #1 Movie

One of the headlines on Yahoo! says, "Last-ditch push saves 'Super 8'". Yahoo! needs to get some real writers. Super 8 was the #1 movie this week not because of a "last minute" marketing campaign by Paramount. Super 8 was the #1 movie this week because people were intrigued and wanted to see what the film was about. It was directed by the guy who created the tv show Alias, produced Lost, and directed the movies Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek. The movie also stars that cool actor from Friday Night Lights and is produced by Steven Spielberg. The reviews have been mostly positive as has been word of mouth. The movie appeals to all those 30-40 somethings who grew up watching Spielberg flicks and in doing so became lifelong movie fans. It also appeals to that youthful optimism in most of us that many of Spielberg's pictures touch. Since there's a blockbuster movie being released every weekend from now until the middle of August, Super 8 won't be the #1 movie next week. However, it will continue to do well at the box office and continue to "surprise" insiders.

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