Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Benjamin Bear, the title character of the BENJAMIN BEAR IN FUZZY THINKING (which was nominated for an Eisner Award) created by French artist Philippe Coudray, is back in BENJAMIN BEAR IN BRIGHT IDEAS! Each page of the book is a comic that involves Benjamin. His friend Rabbit has returned and there a few newer recurring characters, too. Benjamin might not be a role model, but he is a character that kids will love. The theme of the book is thinking outside of the box. Some of the ideas are clever and some are unusual, but foolish (and sometimes funny). My two favorite strips in the book are when Benjamin decides to visit his friend goldfish at his house in the water and when rabbit draws a picture of Benjamin on a tree. BENJAMIN BEAR IN BRIGHT IDEAS! is a short, but entertaining book filled with simple and enduring illustrations. Recommended for kids in kindergarten – 3rd grades.

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