Friday, January 31, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: OTTO'S ORANGE DAY

The title character of OTTO’S ORANGE DAY is a young male kitten. Otto’s favorite color is orange. He likes it so much that he even makes up a song about it. One day a package arrives from his Aunt Sally Lee. Inside is a lamp. Otto begins to rub it to clean it up and out pops a Genie. The genie tells Otto he has one wish and Otto wishes that everything were orange. At first Otto loves the orange world, but then he starts to discover some of the less desirable effects. Will the world ever return to normal? If not, how will Otto cope in this totally orange land?

OTTO’S ORANGE DAY is a ToonBook and is a Level 3 Reader. It’s geared towards readers from about Kindergarten-1st grade. I enjoyed the book. I really liked how the story taught a couple of really good lessons (be careful about what you wish and be kind to others) without being preachy. Overall, OTTO’S ORANGE DAY is a great little graphic novel for young readers.

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