Sunday, April 27, 2014


Originally published in France, Ariol is a children's comic about a little blue donkey named Ariol. In this collection of Ariol stories we are introduced to Ariol's parents, his best friend, Ramono (a pig) and several of his other classmates, including his crush, Petula (a cow). The stories in this collection are:

"Match Point" – Ariol plays tennis with himself.

"Rise and Shine" – It's winter and Ariol's parents have a difficult time waking him up for school.

"Thunder Horse" – Ariol and Ramono discover that Battlemess (a horse) doesn't watch tv and has never seen Thunder Horse.

"Moo-Moo" – Ariol comes over to visit Petula at her house and learns her pet name from her mom.

"Bucktooth Goes to Town" – Ariol's teacher attempts to teach his class about coordinating conjuctions.

"Operation ATM" – Ariol goes with his Dad into town and to the ATM.

"RAMONO's Stupid Game" – Ramono has a game to play that he says everyone can play, but only a few really can.

"ZOOTZOOT" – Ariol wants to enter a contest with Ramono to win a pair of new ZootZoot shoes.

"As Dumb as a Donkey" – Ariol asks his mom if donkeys are less intelligent than other animals and she becomes very upset by the question.

"Granny Annie" – Ariol and Ramono go to the movies with Ariol's maternal grandmother, Granny Annie.

"Vomit" – Ramono and Ariol try to pull a plank during swimming by placing fake vomit in one of the stalls.

"You Gotta Choose, Ariol" – While on his way to try to run into Petula, Ariol upsets Bizzbilla (a female fly who has a crush on Ariol) and tries to talk his way out of it.

Overall, "Ariol" is a fun and down-to-earth little comic. It's a comic book collection that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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