Sunday, April 27, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: THE SMURFS CHRISTMAS

THE SMURFS CHRISTMAS is a collection of several Christmas Smurf stories and a few other ones. The stories in this book are:

"Little Peter's Christmas" – Santa catches a cold and falls asleep at Gargamel's, so Gargamel steals his suit and his sleigh and attempts to find the Smurf village. Also, Smurfette and Lumberjack Smurf try to help a poor family.

"The Ogre and the Smurfs" - an ogre catches Gargamel and plans to eat him, but lets him go when Gargamel promises the ogre that he can lead him to the Smurf Village and Smurfs are much more delicious than people.

"Strange Snowmen" – some Snowpeople come to life after being made by the Smurfs. Gargamel uses them in an attempt to capture the Smurfs.

"Hibernatus Smurf" – Lazy Smurf just wants to sleep while a hunter tries to capture some animals and the Smurfs.

"The Little Tree" – Smurfette sends Lumberjack to find a Christmas tree, but the tree he almost chops turns out not to really be a tree at all. He ends up going on a quest to find some golden pinecones to keep Gargamel from destroying the little tree.

"The Smurfs Christmas" – Santa Claus seeks out the aid of Gargamel in exchange for his promise of good behavior. It's Gargamel like you've never seen him before.

THE SMURFS CHRISTMAS is a decent collection of Smurf stories. I just wish they were all Christmas or winter related (I guess 5 out of 6 stories that are either Christmas or winter related isn't bad).

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