Monday, May 05, 2014


Like many readers, I first became acquainted with David Wilkie's "Coffee with Jesus" via a Facebook post that someone had forwarded. I don't remember which strip it exactly was at the time, but I liked how succinct and pithy it was. When I had heard that the comics of "Coffee with Jesus" had been compiled into book form, I had to get a copy.

The book COFFEE WITH JESUS is a collection of most of the "Coffee with Jesus" strips that have been published to date so far. I'm not sure if it contains all of the strips, but it seems to have most of the strips that can currently be found on the Radio Free Babylon website. There also seems to be a few strips in the book that haven't been published on the Internet, yet. The strips in the book are separated into seven thematic chapters. Each of these chapters has a short introduction. In addition, at the end of the first six chapters there is a short character biography about one of the re-occurring characters in the strip: Kevin, Carl, Ann, Lisa, Joe, and Satan. The book also has a well written introduction from the author about how the strip came to be and how it has slowly evolved since its inception. At the end of the book, there are some discussion questions; COFFEE WITH JESUS would actually make a pretty decent, albeit unusual Bible study.

The artwork is quite simple and that's part of the charm of the strip. There are no ongoing story lines and although there are reoccurring characters, you don't have to be familiar with any of them to understand the strip. If you do read all of the strips, you can see some slow character development with the characters. Some might find Jesus' comments in the strip to be a bit too snarky or satirical. Personally, I think that (for the most part) they hit close to the truth about our lives and help shed some much needed light into the darkness or shatter some illusions and idols that we all have. If nothing else, it really makes me think what Jesus would say to me if I was to meet with him on a weekly basis and share a cup of coffee.


Nicola Mansfield said...

I've never heard of this before. Just visited the site and really enjoyed the comics. Could make a good Christmas gift for few people I know. Thanks!

TV said...

Yeah, it would make a great Christmas book. Glad I could introduce you to it.