Monday, May 12, 2014


Set in the world of Geronimo Stilton, THEA STILTON #2: REVENGE OF THE LIZARD CLUB follows the adventures not of the famous mouse Geronimo, but his sister Thea. However, in THEA STILTON #2: REVENGE OF THE LIZARD CLUB, Thea Stilton is not seen for much of the book. Instead the story focuses on the Thea Sisters, five female teenage mice who attend the Mouseford Academy where Thea is a journalism teacher. Chronologically, this book seems to take place not too long after the events of the THEA STILTON #1: THE SECRET OF WHALE ISLAND. In this story, it's election time at Mouseford Academy and both the Lizard (girls) and the Gecko (boys) Clubs are electing new presidents. Vic de Vissen ends up competing in the competition to best his rival. Meanwhile, his sister Vanilla isn't running, but chooses one of her friends to run in her place. Meanwhile, a mysterious black ship has been reported off the coast of Whale Island and it seems that the black boat is involved in some illegal dumping of chemicals! It's up to the Thea Sisters and their friends to get to the bottom of the mystery. Although the series is definitely marketed towards girls, THEA STILTON #2: REVENGE OF THE LIZARD CLUB is a story that boys will probably enjoy, too. I’d guess the reading level for the book is for those in 2nd-5th grades. Personally, I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading another book in the Thea Stilton series.

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