Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Charles Schulz incorporated sports into “Peanuts” strips. In SNOOPY’S TENNIS BOOK, Schulz gathers together a various strips featuring Snoopy playing tennis.  The book includes an introduction by Billy Jean King. Some of the strips are part of a series (such as Snoopy being paired with Molly Volley in a doubles tournament), but many are just single offerings. About half-way through the book, there is a series of colored sketches that feature “Snoopy at Wimbledon.” The end of the book features “Snoopy’s Tournament Tips” that is a collection of 17 tips from Snoopy about playing in a tennis tournament.  SNOOPY’S TENNIS BOOK is now more of a collector’s item, but it’s initial appeal is for fans of Snoopy and anyone who likes tennis.

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