Thursday, July 23, 2015


If you happen to be around the St. Louis area this weekend or next (July 24-26, July 31, Aug. 1-2), I recommend making a trip to Highland, IL to catch SHREK. It's the latest theatrical endeavor I've been involved with. The theatre group (Hard Road Theatre) is one I've been a part of for several years and I'm now the Executive Producer. This is our 15th Season as a company and SHREK marks the largest and biggest production we've ever tackled. We've gone all out and have gotten Broadway-style costumes, a massive 12" foot dragon, and lots more to bring this show to life. Plus, if you come you can see me as both an ogre and the Big Bad Wolf (who has a secret revealed in Act 2). It's a show you won't be disappointed in having seen. It's great for families, for a date night, or if you're just in the mood for some great entertainment. So, don't miss out. Come out and see SHREK THE MUSICAL!

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