Saturday, August 29, 2015


Snoopy, that beloved beagle of Charlie Brown's, and his best friend, the flighty little bird Woodstock, are the featured characters in WOODSTOCK MASTER OF DISGUISE. Other than a few instances, most of the comics in this collection feature Woodstock and Snoopy. All of the cartoons have been reproduced in vivid color. Some of the storylines include Snoopy deciding to escort Woodstock as he walks South for the Winter, Woodstock going off to Worm School, Woodstock attempting to fulfill his dream of becoming an eagle by attending Eagle Camp, and Snoopy becoming head beagle with Woodstock as his secretary. The title of this collection is taken from a couple of different places in the book: there's a short story where Snoopy disguises Woodstock so he won't be mistaken as a turkey during Thanksgiving season and there's another place where Snoopy disguises Woodstock so he can escape some very angry blue jays. Personally, some of my favorite Snoopy and Woodstock cartoons are the ones where they are on camping trips together with other bird Scouts. Although Schulz has been dead for over fifteen years, with the new "Peanuts" movie coming to theatres, there is a "Peanuts" revival going on.  If you're a fan of Woodstock or would like to just read some comics that feature him, WOODSTOCK MASTER IN DISGUISE is a great place to start.

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