Saturday, August 29, 2015


The "Big Nate" books follow eleven-year-old, sixth grader Nate Wright. He might not do well in school and he spends a lot of time in detention, but Nate's a bright kid. He just can't seem to keep his mouth shut and says the wrong thing. He also thinks very highly of himself. BIG NATE'S GREATEST HITS is a collection of several other Big Nate books that have been published before (BIG NATE MAKES A SPLASH, BIG NATE DIBS ON THIS CHAIR, and BIG NATE PRAY FOR A FIRE DRILL). The book finds Nate up to his usual antics including dealing with teachers, drawing his various cartoons, playing soccer, and obsessing over Cheez Doodles. Of special concern for Big Nate fans, this collection finds Nate getting his first girlfriend: Angie. It also feature Nate trying to bribe his teachers by drawing illustrations of them, helping his sister study comic books (to impress her boyfriend), and hosting his first ever boy/girl party. If you've already purchased the previous collections and are a fan of Big Nate, then you really don't need this book. However, if you don't own those other volumes or are new to "Big Nate",  then BIG NATE'S GREATEST HITS is a good place to start.

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