Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Book Review: BRIGHTEST DAY, VOL. 2

At the end of the “Blackest Night” storyline, it was inevitable that Geoff Johns and DC would focus on another part of the Green Lantern Oath. So, after the “Blackest Night” has ended, the “Brightest Day” will take place.  BRIGHTEST DAY, VOL. 2 begins immediately following where the previous volume ended. Martian Manhunter learns that he isn’t the only green Martian alive. Hawkman seeks to rescue the kidnapped Hawkgirl. Firestorm tries to defeat the Black Lantern virus that is corrupting the Firestorm Matrix. Aquaman squares off against Black Manta and Deadman attempts to find the “chosen one” who will bear the power of the White Light. That doesn’t even touch the few minor incidents that happen. Despite everything that is happening, BRIGHTEST DAY, VOL. 2 seems somewhat lackluster.  The book reads like the quiet before a storm; you know it’s all leading to something, but that something doesn’t happen in this book.

Personally, the Deadman and Aquaman arcs were what I found most interesting in BRIGHTEST DAY, VOL. 2. Deadman doesn’t get a lot of time, but his arc in the book is more satisfying than many of the others, particularly his developing relationship with Dove. As for Aquaman, this is one of the best Aquaman stories ever. This is the type of Aquaman that Hollywood really could make a blockbuster movie around.

There’s a variety of artwork, depending on what characters and what part of the overarching story is illustrated. Sometimes the illustrations are gorgeous elaborations and other times they look like rejected images from SUPER FRIENDS!

Overall, though the overall story is lackluster, the book isn’t a bad one. It has some real fine moments.

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