Monday, January 09, 2012

A Word About Netflix

I watch a lot of movies, usually around 150 a year. I love film. I'm a major movie buff and someday will be working (as in getting paid) in the industry. We have a pretty good video store nearby, but there are still a lot of really good movies I've never seen. I don't like watching movies online, but have watched a few that way because it's the only way they are available anymore. In order to brush up on some of my gaps in film history, I have been thinking about subscribing to Netflix. Netflix is in bad shape right now, however, I was told that they still have their DVD by mail service. For $8 a month, it would be a bargain for me because I know I spend at least twice that every month on rental fees.

Well, I went to the Netflix website and discovered there is no DVD-only service listed. The only thing the website mentions about DVDs is that you can get DVDs at an extra charge when you sign up for the streaming service. I don't want or need the streaming service. I live in an area that makes streaming a laughing stock; it doesn't work well. So, I called the Netflix customer service telephone number (877-742-1480). The gentleman I talked to was very friendly and courteous. He informed me that the DVD-only service is available. However, at the moment it doesn't show up on the website automatically. You have to sign up for the streaming service, then sign up for the DVD-only service while describing from the streaming service at the same time. That's crazy. The gentleman said their "engineers are busy working on the problem and we hope to have the website corrected soon". Until then, I'm not sure if I'm going to subscribe or not, but I thought this is information that someone out there might find useful and informative.

What do you think about Netflix and all their crazy shenanigans the past few months? Do you think the company will survive after jumping the shark?

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