Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Review, Graphic Novel: BENNY AND PENNY IN LIGHTS OUT!

Benny and his sister, Penny, (two mice children) return for their latest Toon Book adventure. Penny wants to go to sleep, but Benny is all wound up. Finally Benny settles down, but he can’t fall asleep without his pirate hat. Unfortunately, his pirate hat is outside in the playhouse in the backyard. That means Benny has to sneak outside in the dark and grab his hat. Does Benny have the courage to get his hat? Will Penny let him leave the room and go outside alone?

As the other Benny and Penny Toon Books, the characters in the story react as real children react when placed in similar situations. Young children (PreK age) can really relate to these characters. The text is written in a very simple style that make it easy for beginning readers to follow along and the illustrations actually tell a story themselves.

Those who are already familiar with Benny and Penny will be eager to follow their latest adventures. BENNY AND PENNY IN LIGHTS OUT! , but the book is also a good selection to just read to younger children in general.

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