Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Book Review, Graphic Novel: THE SMURF OLYMPICS

The feature story in this 11th volume of Smurf graphic novels from Papercutz is the story “The Smurf Olympics.” Tired of racing and competing by himself, Hefty Smurf takes Papa Smurf’s advice and decides to hold a bunch of Smurf Games where the winner will receive medals. When the other Smurfs hear about this, they aren’t very excited because most of them still have their medals from the days of “The King Smurf.” So, another prize is offered to the overall winning Smurf: a kiss from Smurfette. All of the Smurfs want to compete after that. They are quickly divided into two teams with Brainy Smurf as the referee, but no one wants Weakling Smurf on their team, so he’s allowed to compete on his own individual team. Papa Smurf can tell that Weakling Smurf if feeling depressed and decides to do something about it. But does Papa’s help give Weakling an unfair advantage? “The Smurf Olympics” was the basis for the episode “The Smurfic Games” on tv as well as the story “A Little Smurf Confidence.”

Besides the main story, the rest of THE SMURF OLYMPICS contains several full page Smurf comics as well as some regular Smurf comic strips.

THE SMURF OLYMPICS is an enjoyable read. This book is a must have for a Smurf fan's collection. Also recommended for younger children who enjoy comic books.

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